Refund & Reschedule Policy

Please note all refunds will incur an admin fee of Rs. 1,000/-

Voucher Usage Cancellation / Reschedule Request Type
Haven't booked the test

Contact us for more information.

An admin charge of Rs. 1,000 will be deducted from all refunds.
Booked the test

Cancellation (more than 7 days from test date)

Eligible for refund of 50%.
Booked the test

Cancellation (7 or less days from test date)

No Refunds will be made.
Booked the test

Reschedule (more than 7 days from test date)

No refunds. You can reschedule by paying an extra fees of Rs. 2,725.
Booked the test

Reschedule (within 7 days from test date)

No refunds. A full new test booking fee will apply.
Kindly send us below information for refunds.
Order #:
Date of Purchase:
Voucher No:
Phone #:
Email #:
A/c holder's Name:
Bank Name:
A/c Number:
IFSC Code:
Reason for refund:

If you have any more questions, please contact us.

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